i had a little altrication with a girl i was seeing. i wanted to break the relationship off with her. she lured me to her house that she wanted to see me one last time before we parted ways. i being stupid budged in to that. when in her house, she refused to let me leave and held me strongly to her body. all effort to free myself proved futile. she wouldnt let me use my fone too. i managed with force for about 3 hours to break free and run home. she has filed a complaint of assult against me. i am so confused now. i dont know what to do. she is sending me threatening text that she wants me deported and that she will make sure of that. how can i exenorate my self. i have been here for 3years and i am crime free. do u think, i will be charged with assult. and how can i get off this depressing situation