We took our Toyota RAV-4 to one Garage/mechanic because it have a failure (sintoms of turning off but it never turned-off. We explained to him that and he promised us to check-out. We left the place. We went to a bakery closer but when finished our buys we went out to the parking. We looked up at this dude's garage. He was shooting high pressure water with a hose towards our RAV4 motor.

The motor was totally uncovered and the car was turned-off. He did not cover anything. Later the car turned-on the next day. Since that day the RAV4 never came back to start again. He first said the problem was the computer, but the car did not turn-on. Later said the trouble was the crank sensor, but the car did not turn-on. He later said was the ignition, but the car did not turn-on. The computer he put was from one junker but that one is for a RAV4 4X4, our is not $X4, so it does not work. The tachometer never start. The car only play to start but never is keep turned-on.

This guy disappeared our original crank sensors & computer. We paid him $200 to take the car in a tower to other garage and 3 different mechanics can not make the RAV4 to be turned-on. The car is in our marquee for the last 5 months 'dead'.

He washed the motor without covering in any way the following devices (or any other(s): the ignition, the modulo, the alternator and the fuses box

The next day he called us that he finished our vehicle assuring it was working properly for ever. Later it shut down the next day, so we dragged it back to this Mechanic in a first crane/towed truck. After the guy had our car for almost 1 month (we paid him lot of money) and makes us to buy supposed electrical and mechanic pieces (never worked) and false promises, we decided to take it from his garage to bring the car to a possible new mechanic. The car never turned-on, but he obliged us to pay money, we did, so we can call a crane to pull it. Three other different mechanics (plus, 3 new cranes/towed trucks) never succeeded to fix the car. All them told us that the problem was when the first dude shoot the high pressure water inside our RAV4 motor, plus this dude did not allow the motor to cool down before spray the water in.

So our car is in our marquee for 3 months without turning-on. We do not have any other vehicle. I lost jobs, clients, my wife can not help her elder mother for medical appointments, and lot of situations for suffering and mental anguish described in a 53-page document.

We later went to the Department of Consumer Affairs "DACO”, but they told us that they can not take the case because there were more than one different mechanic involved with my car. They suggested us to try with the Civilian Court (Tribunal Civil) and we did, but the judge told us that case was not belonging to that district, so try to get a Lawyer and prepare/file a Civil Action.

Please, help