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    Default Bought A New Car

    I have ordered an new car and signed all the contracts. The dealer sold me some options. I am to take delivery of the car today. The poblem is that one of the options that I bought has been disconntinued by the manufacture. The dealer will not let me out of the contract and will not reduce the price. The dealer is telling me that I need to take it up with corporate. What are my options? Basicly I was sold an option that no longer existes. I live in Fairfax VA

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    It would depend upon the nature of the option, the value it represents(this might might be pro-rated if part of an option group), and whether or not a court or arbitration officer would rule it cause to void/cancel the contract. You should also read your contract VERY carefully as often changes in manufacturing details, options, ect that occur after an order has been placed are expressly excluded from voiding the contract. If the option represents a lot of money or a functional element that is substantial you may have a case. If not, you are probably stuck with at best getting a refund of some sort based upon the option that is missing. And, unfortunately, you may get nothing.

    EDIT: Whether or not you have a case to void the contract is debateable, but if you physically take delivery of the car, however, your chances of returning it and voiding the contract afterwards are virtually none.

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    Thanks that is what I thought. Looks like I get to go on a letter writing spree.

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