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    Default I Executed Loan For Boyfriend's Car

    I executed a loan for my boyfriend's car and now we are separated and he has quit making payments on the loan and probably the insurance. My name is on the ownership papers and my name is on the loan. Boyfriend will not return car to me. He has not made payment in 1 and half months so I speculate the loan company will be trying to repo. I have moved to Cal and the car and boyfriend,and loan are in Texas and I don't have a good address for him. He is violent and I am afraid of him. I need suggestions as to how I can get possession of the vehicle before it is repoed. What is the best course,?? Do I report it stolen??, How do I get away from liability if he crashes without insurance? Sure do need some knowing help.

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    Default Re: I Executed Loan For Boyfriend's Car

    I am going through the exact situation....almost down to a T. The only advice I got on here was to make payments so it stops the repo. If you are both on the ownership then you both have equal rights. My ex is living in a different state also....only plus side for me is that the truck isn't insured anymore but he hasn't paid it in 90 days. I am working with the loan company to find the whereabouts of the truck so I can go get it. I've also contacted the local police where he lives so they would come with me due to the fact that his license is suspended and I don't want to confront him alone. If you know where the truck is you should be able to take it but I was told that my rights are not superior to his so he may not give it up without a fight. So my goal is to get another set of keys and basically repo it myself! Good Luck I wish you the best.

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    Default Re: I Executed Loan For Boyfriend's Car

    You do need to make payments on the loan - the creditor will be expecting you to pay. It can also hurt your credit rating since you executed the loan & then don't pay on it.

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