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    Default Dying Without A Will

    My Mom is almost 70yrs.old, divorced and lives with a female partner in Maryland. With money she received in the divorce settlement with my Dad -they bought a house together and it is deeded in both their names. My Mom does not have a will or any type of power of attorney and my brother and I are concerned about this. What would happen to her personal possessions (or the house) if she passes away or if she gets sick? We have thought about talking to her about this but before we approach the subject we feel we need to have some information to give her (as to what will happen if she doesn't have one because it will affect her partner as well as us) so she realizes how important this is. Thank you for any info you can provide.

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    A person that dies without a will is known as "dying intestate" and Maryland state law will determine how her possessions will be distributed.

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