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    Default Florida Roommate Eviction

    Last year I agreed to help out a friend and allow him to move into my rented house with my son and myself. He agreed, verbally, to pay 400.00 a month which was to include rent, utilities and food. On average over the course of the time that he has been here he has paid 85.00 a month. I have fallen behind on my rent to MY landlord because of this. I am moving out in a couple of months but would like to know if there is a way that I can get him out now. He is not on the original lease and a new lease has never been signed. I asked him to please help out by paying an extra 100.00 per month to get caught up on the past due rent and he refused. I told him at that point that seeing as he hadn't paid even the agreed upon amount that I wanted him to move out. He looked for a place for about a week and then told other people that he didn't have to go anywhere because he receives his mail here. Do I have any recourse in this matter. My landlord says it is my problem. He is not happy about the late rent payments .

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    Default Re: Florida Roommate Eviction

    Getting his mail there does not guarantee him a permanent residence anymore than me getting my mail where I live would protect me from foreclosure if I fell behind on my mortgage payment.

    Serve him a 3-Day notice. Then file an eviction.

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