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    Default Cosigner Paid Off Tiny Amount - I Paid More - I Need Title

    My ex-fiance co-signed my auto loan to help me get a better interest rate. The total amount was around 16,000. I paid all of it except for $2,500. I would get a month behind and then catch it up. He then just paid it off without telling me. I emailed him and told him that I would pay him the amount he paid off. He wrote me back and said not to worry about it. He also told me that he was transfering the title to my name. I'm shocked that he does not want me to pay him back. I will even though he said that. Does anyone know how he would go about getting off the title? I just want to make sure he is not really trying to get me off the title.

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    Default Re: Cosigner Paid Off Tiny Amount - I Paid More - I Need Title

    Laws are different in each state. That's why you were asked to identify your state when you posted.

    Ask your ex-fiancÚ for details of what he intends to do, then report back with that information and the name of your state.

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