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    Default Trying To Leave Early

    i currently live in missouri. our lease goes until 7/31/08, and i received a letter stating that my lease will not be renewed (because in fact most of the units in my apartment building are being leased to a nearby university, and the leasing company has arranged for the remainder of the units to be turned over to the school at the end of the lease). as a student, i will be done with school in may and have given notice several weeks ago (when i received the letter stating our lease will not be renewed) that i plan to move out june 1st. after looking over the lease, i can't seem to find anything about early termination and/or what amount of money must be paid to our leasing agency for the remainder of the lease. it is an unusual situation since the leasing company already has plans to lease the apartment. any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Talk to mangement since they have requested you to leave when leas eexpires they might be ok with early termination. If so get the agreement in writing

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