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    Default Probation Violation The Court Doesn't Discover Until You're Off Probation

    What happens if you violate your probation, but the court doesn't find out until after you are off probation?
    Can they reinstate your probation, or sentence you since you actually did violate your probation?

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    Default Re: Probation Violation The Court Doesn't Discover Until You're Off Probation

    Laws are different in each state. If you truly were discharged from probation on the first offense, I would expect that all they can do is nail you to the wall when sentencing you for your new crime.

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    Thumbs down Re: Probation Violation The Court Doesn't Discover Until You're Off Probation

    This is what I learned about that today!!
    Justice..what a sick joke! I had contacted TDOC yesterday because my husband's murderer had absconded 2 year's ago and I started working on it then.funny how I never got a responce till his time had ended! and this is the same non caring reply I've gotten for 6 year's now but I'm sure because his daddy is a millionaire and We were broke!

    ************************************************** ******

    To: [email]*****
    Subject: An Absconder!
    Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 05:00:51 -0500
    First of all I don't like that I can't use names,His life has been easy enough! It's public information and everyone need's to know it! But for the sake of this site,I will obey!

    To whom it concern's,
    My name is Cathy ****,I am the widow of John ******who was murdered by PM in 2003,He was convicted of voluntary Manslaughter in 2005 and only spent 6 month's in Jefferson Co.Jail and released on parole.
    Last year on what would have been my husband's 48th birthday I learned he had absconded,I am on the Vine program and I was shocked when I saw this so I called his parole officer and he said that Phillip had changed his address and never came back but I made a few more call's to various agencies and finally they called me back and told me they had the warrant but can't find him so this tell's me one thing,Which by the way is no surprise to me whatsoever but it tell's me he still doesn't take responsibility for brutally taking my husband's life by sneaking up behind him while he was totally disabled only 4 week's before the murder from a roof fall,Sneaking up on him was bad enough but while his arm was broken twice,his hip was broken as well as his left wrist and after he did this,he ran to Georgia that very night and to the best of my knowledge the police here had called his Mother's house in Georgia and told him to come back and give his statement? and he did not know my husband had passed away from Blunt force trauma to his head,liver and spleen till he got back here!
    I don't know about you but if I had murdered a man and was sentenced only to 6 month's I think I'd be waiting on the Parole officer's step every single day to do whatever I could but it's not in this man,He lived with my daughter and beat her almost on a daily basis and my husband would tell him he was tired of his behavior..which is very understandable so everytime Phillip would beat her he'd leave for a day or 2 until my husband had gone back out of town for his job,but I hope you can see that he ran until he knew Johnny was disabled...We were married 25 year's and My life and everything about me has changed while his life goes on as it alway's did,he has no remorse so Please I am begging to anyone who has ear's to hear me to help me with this,My daughter,myself and our Grandson have been the one's who have been in prison,Not him!
    I went by the lake one day and he was there and the day before yesterday I am sure he passed me here on main street in ****** where I live!
    Please,help me get justice for my husband,Please!!

    His Info:
    Please tell me if there's anything that I can do at all to get him picked up!

    __________________________________________________ ______________
    This is the cold reply after I laid my heart out to this person!

    Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 09:52:23 -0600
    Subject: Re: An Absconder!

    Mrs. *****,

    Thank you for your letter. Let me first clarify that this offender was never on parole. He never had a hearing before the parole board, and was never eligible for one.

    The voluntary manslaughter conviction ended with a sentence of probation, handed down by the court in the case. While on probation, he absconded. However, his sentence has now expired under the law, and this agency no longer has any legal hold over him.

    We're sorry we cannot assist you.
    ************************************************** *******
    (I simply made the mistake of using parole instead of probation!)

    And I sent this after!

    RE: An Absconder! Even though he absconded before his time ended? Convenient! So why put him on probation?‏
    From: Cathy ****
    Sent: Tue 11/10/09 4:18 PM
    To: ****

    You'll have to forgive me but I am sickened by the Justice system....Easier to kill someone than to drive a car without license!!

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