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    Default Defamation Of Character Among My Clients

    Hello i had a quick question about defamation!

    I work for a insurance company and we work with a local apartment complex helping them to setup renters insurance. I moved into the apartment complex becuase at the time we had a very good relationship ebtween our office and there leasing office and i really enjoyed living in a community where i was known as "the insurance agent" anyways... I ended up getting evicted from that apartment complex with some roommates of mine for some "immature" choices (for lack of a better sentence lol). We had a party that was out of hand. Next we had a series of noise complaints for the "gunshots" the neighbors heard when i played halo and music complaints, then there was a time where me and my GF had got into an argument. My nosey neighbor the one who said he was "Threatended" by the gunshots he heard from my house when i played halo... happended to come outside as me and her were leaving. When he came out... me and her were talking by her car...

    Talking by the car… he literally stood about 10 feet away and ease dropped.

    I politely asked “can I help you”

    And he goes “No, young lady is this guy harassing you?”

    My gf said no, and I aksed the guy to mind his business. He proceeded to go on about how it is his business blah blah blah, long story short I ended up telling the guy (exact words) “It would be very kind and peachy, if you left me the **** alone” (emphasis on ****)

    He complained directly to management. Eviction was finalized. Here is where the issues start….

    Mangement made me and my roommates leave in 3 days. Well under the 30days you have on a legal eviction. Tenants council is already aware of this situation…

    I ended up moving, found a new apartment with my roommates, etc. The next Monday (we were evicted on a Thursday) our office manager was going to take lunch to the apartment managers. While she was there… apparently they felt it was necessary to tell her the exact details of why I was evicted. THEN proceeded to tell my office manager that I had cussed out some poor old fellow and used racist slurs against him… When my office manager returned she of course let our boss know what was going on... My boss was PISSED. Here is where we stand now.

    1. I lost clients who heard about my “Abusive” behavior towards this poor old man.
    2. They banned me from the property. They told my boss that if I was going to continue to be there sales rep, they would no longer work with our office.
    3. So I stopped being there sales rep. I no longer am allowed to work with clients from the apartment place in question, because I am banned from the property so I can’t inspect or bring the proof of insurance to the leasing office.

    I’m not completely innocent, I made my mistakes that lead to the trouble. But I honestly feel that taking my personal business and then telling it to my superiors, then taking away all of the clients I had at the apartment complex, then by banning me from the apartment complex, any previous clients I had I pretty much had to give to another person in the office to help with servicing sence I am not allowed on property at all.

    I’m not sure if this even is slander, but like I said I have clients who won’t work with me because of the negative image the apartment managers give them. Not to mention the fact that the last 34 people they referred to our office…. They took one of our cards and made sure to write the office managers name on it. Also they have been telling the clients to work with Jamie because she is “reliable”. Is this just the side effects of a bad renting and bad decisions on my part that I will just have to deal with and work around, or is there a form of legal action I can take.

    34 policies is a lot of commission, not to mention the fact that I loss a raise because of this apartment manager taking the initiative to “Ban” me from the property. Outside marketing rep who can’t market to one of the apartment complexes he is assigned is a setback for our office. I really feel I was taken advantage of. I’m 18, I’m on my own, and Its still a learning process. But I don’t feel that this was handled the way it should have been and I really feel a lot of frustration towards the clients I CAN’T work with the way I want too, and the fact that everyday I have to watch one of the people from the apartment complex come into our office and say “____ from ____ apartments told me to come setup my insurance with ____(Insert name of any1 else in our office)”

    If I try and take one… I have to take the proof of insurance to there leasing office…. And I can’t 

    And we work off commissions so no1 is going to say “Hell yea I’ll do your admin work while you collect the commission”. So 9/10 times I just watch the business go past me.

    Funny story is one time they actually used one of my cards with my name on it… and wrote our office managers name on the back ><

    Then they threw all my cards away apparently. 

    *Quick summary if you don't want to read the text block*
    I was evicted from an apartment we got insurance referrals from. They require renters insurance, we have cheap renters insurance. They told my co-worker and boss a false story about some things i susposedly "Said" to another tenant. NOW my current clients at the apartment complex have a negative view of me, i'm banned from the property, and my job was effected (loss of income, loss of raise, pissed boss, etc.) Is there anythign i can do or did i kinda just get the short end of the stick?

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    Post Re: Defamation Of Character Among My Clients?

    Texas! I Live In Texas!

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    Default Re: Defamation Of Character Among My Clients?

    You behaved badly, and now the people who used to give you referrals don't like you? That's life.

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    Default Re: Defamation Of Character Among My Clients

    You had a wild party and screamed at a resident of an apartment complex you had a business relationship with?

    And you think it was wrong from them to ban you from the property? You think it was wrong from them to tell your boss what happened?


    You mixed business with pleasure. You are now sowing what your reaped (rept?).

    Anyway, there is nothing illegal here and every single apartment complex I know of would have done the same thing.

    Your behavior should have been ABOVE that of the normal renter... and it was considerably worse.

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    Default Re: Defamation Of Character Among My Clients

    Instead of seeing this from a victim/loser point of view, you should
    consider the bid-nis side of the equation.

    If selling renters ins is what you do, you weren't just "evicted"- you were transferred from a one market where you had kicked butt into a new frontier! And now, if you're a good salesman who knows his stuff, you've got a new crop to harvest! Sure maybe its gonna take more than just leaving a stack of cards with the apt Mgr. to get sales, but breaking into new territory will make a pos.impression on your boss and his boss as well. Its the stuff that makes promtions /ladder climbing happen more quickly.

    (Maybe produce a special mailer or flyer just for your apt complex and other use other targeting methods as well.)

    At 18yo, you learned some very vital lessons early in your career(I'd hope so anyways).
    •Don't mix your monkey bid-nis with your bid-nis bid-nis.
    •Don't go public with Domestic/Relationship fights...its perhaps the fastest way of all to getting yourself arrested.

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