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    Default Attacked And Nearly Killed By Neighbor's Dogs

    I live in Ky. and in October 07' I was walking down the road in which I live on and my neighbors 3 pit bulls came out and began biting me all over both legs and arms..I was hospitalized and in bad shape. I couldnt walk for over a month, and I still have problems with pain once in awhile. There's severe scarring on both legs and my left arm. I'de say over 40 different scars. It's really sad. It happened right in the middle of the road near my home. The dogs were not chained, no tags, and no fence. I have hospital bills coming in every day and no way to pay them. I cannot afford to. I am able to work now but i'm behind now with bills because of this. I called a big name attourney and he said that the people have nothing to sue for. Otherwise if they had insurance I would have gotten ALOT of money.. I did go to hospital on the scene via ambulance and went back to er twice more for swelling, pain, and stitch removal. I have no insurance whatsoever. Police have a report of the incident and took many pictures as well on the scene. Any information would be appreciated please help. I am scarred for life..

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    Default Re: Attaked And Nearly Killed By Neighbor's Dogs

    do they have "victim assistance programs " there?

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    Call a smaller name attorney...

    Although, it appears the other attorney believes that they do not have anything to go after, it may be it isn't big enough for that attorney to want to take the case.

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    Default Re: Attaked And Nearly Killed By Neighbor's Dogs

    Like Happy Trails said, "Call a smaller name attorney." The big name lawyers only want deep pocket defendants. There are plenty of competent attorneys though who take cases even if the guy you're suing isn't JP Gotrocks.

    Also note that just because these people don't have a lot of assets according to the "big name attorney", they may have hidden assets and/or may acquire assets in the future. You just don't know. They could inherit money or hit the Powerball. They're probably getting an IRS stimulus payment at a minimum this year. It's worth it to get a judgement against them and keep it active as long as you can - until they die. You can and should press criminal charges as well if for no other reason than to get the dogs destroyed so someone else doesn't get attacked.

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