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    Default Check Cashing Store Wants Payment For A Stolen Payroll Check

    The story begins like this:
    One of my employees calls to say that he never received his payroll check I send him several days before. I call the bank and put stop payment on the check. A week later I wrote another check to the employee to replace the missing one. A few days later the check with the stop payment got cashed in one of these cashing places to somebody with out asking for a proper identification then they deposited in the bank, and got returned unpaid. One year later this people from the cashing place want to collect the money through a collection agency. When the collection agency contact me a few days ago they told me if I have a police report, and I say NO I just put stop payment on the check. Now they want the money because they say it was my responsibility to call the police, and not the employee that got his check stolen. My question is who is responsible for calling the police if a check got missing in the mail then stole and cash the employer or the employee? I need Help

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    Default Re: Whom Will Report An Stolen Check?

    Okay so call the police now and give your statement/file a report. I also would not speak with them anymore and tell them to direct their questions to your attorney. The liabilty on this is not on you. How were you to know that the check was stolen? You stopped payment for a reason. These places are known to be shady for a reason.

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