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    Default Pennsylvania Registration Suspension

    Late last year, I bought insurance with a new company. I assumed that when my six month policy was up, I would automatically be renewed. When my car was due to be inspected, I realized that the policy had NOT been automatically renewed and I was without insurance. I promptly renewed and had my car inspected.

    About a month later, I received a letter from PennDOT stating that my registration is to be suspended due to lack of insurance. I am to return my plates, etc. and serve a 90 day suspension. I know I am at fault for not releazing my insurance had lapsed, but I did renew immediately (about a month before the suspension was issued) and have current insurance.

    The letter states I can appeal, my question is under what grounds? I live in a very rural area with no public transportation. I also have a two year old and am currently pregnant. Without my car, I cannot go to work (27 miles away) or doctor appointments, or even go to buy groceries. Is there anything I can do about this?

    Again, I know I was at fault for not realizing that the insurance lapsed and correcting it immediately, but I wasn't trying to get away with anything here. It was simply an oversight.

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    Default Re: Pennsylvania Registration Suspension

    Read this, this and this. I would infer that an appeal would be predicated upon mistake (not "I forgot to insure", but "I was insured and your records are wrong"), or an inadvertent failure to report your obtaining insurance through a different carrier. I don't see any description of a hardship exception, except for members of the military, but it seems worth inquiring with the DMV.

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