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    Question Value Of Pain From Suffering A Broken Tooth

    Hi - I tripped and fell over a barricade that was painted black to camoflage (sp?) lights on a stage. This was at my college (I am a student) and I feel they were negligent by not warning my class (temporary classroom set up on stage) about the hidden obstacle. I broke a tooth, cut my lips and sprained my neck. Took two trips to the dentist for the tooth and two to the dr. for my neck.

    I need to file a claim with the school within the next few months to ask for 'damages'. I plan on using the amount aflac insurance would have paid (if I had coverage) for the tooth and trips to the dr. I also plan on asking for lost wages for the days I could not collect my unemployment due to the injury, the deductable for the dr. visits and the cost of my prescriptions. Does that sound reasonable?

    How do I calculate the pain and suffering?? Is there some 'standard' formula lawyers use of do the pull the number out of thin air?

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    Default Re: Value Of Pain From Suffering A Broken Tooth

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