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    Default Bought Car With Lost Title

    We live in north carolina and bought a car from a private seller. He couldn't find the title so he wrote a bill of sale stating that he would apply for lost title by a certain date. The bill of sale and this statement was signed by him,my son,who bought the car and a witness. It also stated that if he had not applied for the title by that date that he would return my sons money and we would return the car. The date has come and gone. He says he has applied for the title but we dont know if he has or not. And in the mean time my son has spent alot of money finding one thing after another wrong with the car. So what are our options? My son would like to keep the car, but is getting very aggravated because when he fixes one thing he finds something else wrong.

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    Default Re: Bought Car With Lost Title

    He says he applied for the title, now you wait until it gets processed and signed over to your son.

    Having problems with a used car is not unusual, but I see no reason for you to believe the owner has not applied for a lost title like he stated.

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