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    Unhappy Eviction Procedures In Michigan, Oakland County

    The management staff at my complex is trying to evict me from my home. This is currently an on going dispute as to whether I own them late fees for previous months spanning back to 2005 and fees related to signing my renewal lease late.* The management company and I agreed upon a figure for me to pay and I did.* One month after I paid this figure, a lady from the complex management staff called me asking when I was going to pay the late fees, I told her I had already done so, but she said I did not.* Since this call, I have received vacate to quit notices, evictions notices and letters from the complex about this matter, I feel like Iím being arrested.* The last evictions notice I received, I went to court with my proof, I met with the complex lawyer and he told me the case had been dismissed.* I asked him why and he responded by asking me did you pay the fees, I said no, I paid my rent, but I did not pay any fees.* He had nothing else to say, so I left.The next month when I tried to pay my rent, I was blocked from paying it online.* I called the lady I had been discussing this matter with and she said I still owed them fees.* I asked her to send me proof and she said she would, but it never arrived.* I called her asking where the information I requested was and she said I explained to you numerous times how you owe these fees and I have nothing to send you.* I now have another eviction notice and need advise on how to handle this matter.* I believe I need a lawyer, but I do not have the funds to hire one.* I researched free legal aid, but my court date is before the days they are open.* What can I do, I am tired of dealing with this and just want out of my lease.* How should I proceed?

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    Default Re: Eviction Procedures In Michigan, Oakland County

    Take your proof to court with you. You will be given the opportunity to present your side.

    Yes, it does seem you need an attorney, at least to ask a few questions of. Contact your local bar association and ask to be referred to someone who offers a free phone consultation.

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