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    Default Minor Misdemeanor Conviction in Ohio

    I have a MM/ Disorderly Conduct Conviction that was an MM and I have applied for an insurance license. I did not disclose this conviction as it is a MINOR MISDEMEANOR and now I am being question as to why I did not disclose it. So that I may cite this when answer as to why I did not disclose this, what Ohio Revised Code Statute says MM convictions are not reportable offenses?

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    Default Re: Minor Misdemeanor Conviction + Ohio

    Who told you that convictions are not reportable?
    Sometimes they are expungable (most) and have you taken the steps to do this.
    It's going to depend on the exact question that the application asked of you. If it said "any convictions" then you would have had to report it. If it only asked for felony convictions, then you should be good.

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    Default Re: Minor Misdemeanor Conviction + Ohio

    I was told that Minor Misdemeanor offenses are not reportable in regards to employment, licensing, etc. by an attorney that is licensed in Ohio. I did not disclose it and it showed up on my background report, in which I was denied a copy, as to a record of arrest. I had to get a certified copy from the clerk showing the charge was reduced to a Minor Misdemeanor for Disorderly Conduct with the Judge remitting all fines and costs.

    I was originally charged w/ Falsification resulting from a traffic accident, in Cincinnati, in which, I had a severe concussion resulting from head trauma. At pre-trial, my attorney informed the state we were taking this matter to trial as I was not in able to provide accurate answers/information to the officer due to having a head injury. I had medical evidence signed by an emergency room Dr. that I was, in fact, kept in the hospital for 72 hrs for observation for fear of brain swelling. The state offered to reduce the charge to a DC/MM and my attorney suggested I take it b/c it went from an M1 to a MM and told me it would never show up on my record b/c it was a Minor Misdemeanor and they are not reportable offenses. Also, he said I would save $$$ b/c we would not have to go to trial. The Judge accepted the plea and looked at the medical evidence during mitigation and remitted all fines and cost.

    So, I did not disclose this Minor Misdemeanor conviction b/c I was told I did not have to, and now I am being questioned as to why I did not disclose it. I am asking if, in Ohio, are minor misdemeanor convictions reportable offense in regards to employment????

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    Default Re: Minor Misdemeanor Conviction + Ohio

    Also I read this today posted by Aaron an Administrator on this site and he does not take PMs:

    In Ohio, convictions for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th degree misdemeanors and any felony conviction will give you a criminal record.


    If you are convicted of a minor misdemeanor, you do not have to disclose that conviciton to an employer or graduate school. It's like a parking ticket. Only in rare circumstances would you want to expunge a minor misdemeanor (remember: minor misdemeanors do not give you a record in the first place). If you receive or think you will be receiving Federally subsidized student loan, you should expunge any minor misdemeanor pot possession conviction. New laws make you ineligible for these loans if you have any drug convictions!

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    Default Re: Minor Misdemeanor Conviction + Ohio

    I did find this:
    (D) Arrest or conviction for a minor misdemeanor violation of this section does not constitute a criminal record and need not be reported by the person so arrested or convicted in response to any inquiries about the person's criminal record, including any inquiries contained in any application for employment, license, or other right or privilege, or made in connection with the person's appearance as a witness.

    Its with 2529.11 (D) which is possession on marijuana, but mine is a Disorderly conduct conviction.

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