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    Default Texas CPS Made A Mistake

    I have to reach out for my cousin. He is a wonderful father, picks his kids up every other weekend and does right by the decree. Unfortunately this has got him no where and he has been taken advantage of by the system. (Texas)

    Here is what happened.

    He was married and divorced. His kids lived with his ex wife in another city. She was arrested for the possession of drugs and put in jail for a brief period. The day she got arrested the ex wife’s mother met the kids with CPS and told CPS (a friend) that the father was in no shape to take care of the kids (a huge lie) so please award her temporary custody until her daughter got better. The CPS officer did just that without giving my cousin a chance to pick the kids up or even investigate my cousin.

    My Cousin lives 2.5 hours from the town this took place in and once he found out about the arrest he parked the truck he drives and made it to the city as fast as he could to pick his kids up. When he got there the ex wife’s grandmother would not let him have his kids. My cousin scraped up all the money he had $5,000 to start the case and now the wealthy ex wife’s mother has out lasted him in courts and my cousin is all out of money. The judge stated that CPS made a huge mistake and they find themselves in a mess because of this mistake (in the court documents).

    Not only did my cousin get taken advantage of by CPS but he was ordered to pay the ex wife’s mother child support and still keep paying is ex wife child support to. He will surely loose his kids now because he can not keep up with the two child support payments and his current attorney wanted 10K to keep going with the case. What can he do?

    Can my cousin take CPS to court? Any attorney's out there want a challenging case?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Default Re: Texas CPS Made A Mistake

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    The judge stated that CPS made a huge mistake and they find themselves in a mess because of this mistake (in the court documents).
    And then the judge let his mother-in-law keep the kids? What's the part you're not telling us.
    Quote Quoting westex96
    Can my cousin take CPS to court?
    From what you say, he's had his day in court where the judge has ruled that CPS acted properly in placing the children with the grandmother, and the judge has continued that placement. Immunity issues aside, I don't see how he has a cause of action for something a judge ruled was an appropriate placement.

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