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    Default Interstate Divorce

    I have a couple of questions about marriage in one state and divorce in another.

    I was married in Texas and have lived in Missouri the ENTIRE marriage of 6 years. We are looking to divorce and I am needing to know which laws we are supposed to follow...TEXAS or MISSOURI divorce laws? I contacted and met with an attorney a week ago and he went through the process and was rather rude so I will not be using him BUT...I was never asked WHERE we were married and he proceeded to tell me how divorce works in MO....but am I seeking the wrong council?

    More info: we have 2 children born in MO. I'm a sahm and a college student and recently asked about spousal support in MISSOURI on this forum. But now I wonder if I'm supposed to look at TX law instead?

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    You get the divorce where you are domiciled, not where you were married. The other party does not have to be domiciled in the same state but the court may not have jurisdiction for CS, alimony, etc.

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