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    Here is my situtation. I along with my boyfriend are in a band. There is a woman who comes and watched us, even following out of town to show up at our gigs. Alot of the group that follows us around know about her and have seen how so is just ga ga over my boyfriend. We all laugh about it because she will sit there watching him, clapping and practically crying over him like he is Elvis. She is constantly taking pictures of him. We just joke about it thinking she is harmless. This weekend she though at our gig she started following him to the bathroom and waiting outside the door for him. Practically followed him around all night. That to me was just a little to much so I confronted her. She told me that they had been seeing each other for a year and that they are in love. I know every woman saids this but I know he is not with her because we live together and are with each other nearly 24 hours a day. I think she is getting a little crazy. Is there any we can get a restraining order against her. How can we keep her out of the clubs we play in? Another thing I don't even know her name.

    Please can someone help. I don't want to have to go to jail the next time.

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    1) Why would you go to jail?
    2) Groupies are part of show business.
    3) Unless she follows him around when he is not performing, I doubt it would constitute "stalking" in a legal sense.

    Until she does something illegal, her being at your concerts and being obsessed with a performer isn't causing you any damage or violating any law.

    Welcome to stardom.

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