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    Default Assault In The Philippines

    Hi, I am from Philippines, and I would like to ask what charges I can file for these peolple involved. My son had a fight with someone and he hit that person with a bottle resulting to a cut in the head. Then that person had asked for assistance from a barangay official from their area. Then the officials from that barangay then seek assistance fron the officials from our area where the scene happened. Our officials had asked them to wait in the baranagy hall and they would be the one who will find my son, when they had left and saw my son walking in the streets, they asked him to come with them but our officials were surprised to see the aggrieved party's relatives along with their officials. They had followed them and when they saw my son, one relative kicked him in the chest, one punched him in the neck, our officials quickly intervened and the commotion stopped. We were then brought before the authorities and the case with my son's hitting his enemy had been settled (we paid for the hospital bill).
    What I would like to ask is if I can sue the relatives for doing that to my son considering that he is a minor.

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    Default Re: Assault In The Philippines

    This is a U.S. law forum. I suggest finding a Filipino forum, talking to a lawyer who practices in the Philippines, or talking to the police in the Philippines.

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    I just returned from Manila 2 weeks ago. Man, it's a wild, wild place!

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