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    Question Difference Between "Base" And "Claims" In Bankruptcy

    My husband and I are nearing our 39th month of a 60-month chapter 13 in the state of Indiana.

    Every 6 months we receive a statement from our lawyer that shows how the money has been disbursed.

    The last line on the page is "balances still due". Question---what do these mean:

    Needed to Complete Base (dollar amount)

    Needed to Complete Claims (much higher dollar amount)

    Can someone please explain the difference between the Base and Claims amounts? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Difference Between "base" And "claims"

    I would assume that the reference to your base is to the plan base - your disposable income multiplied by the number of months in your plan. I would assume that the claims figure represents the total value of claims submitted against your estate. If that's the case, you should get your discharge for paying the plan base, not the higher claims figure.

    As this document was prepared by your lawyer, if you want to be sure what it means you should ask your lawyer.

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    Default Re: Difference Between "Base" And "Claims" In Bankruptcy

    That makes sense. Thank you!


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