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    Default Court Date Continuances in Pennsylvania

    I am currently trying to fight to keep my license from suspension. I have a reckless driving charge in PA (with does result in a suspension according to their MV laws), If you go through the proper procedures (which I have already done) through an attorney I hired you can arrange to keep your license "active" while trying to get the issue to trial. Since this has happened I have moved to another state & my attorney there in PA is still "doing her thing". My attorney keeps fileing "continueance upon continueance" (and bill upon bill) to try & deal with the reckless driving charge first. She claims the outcome of the reckless driving case will affect the suspension hearing case being heard in court from Penndot. Which does makes sense....

    Just recently, I received another mailed continuance (which is really starting to upset me) for I want to get this over with and go to court to face all this now (Its been 9 months now since I received the reckless driving charge) I will have to drive to PA from my current state (3-4hrs) to go to court (when it finally happens)
    I asked my attorney about this most recent continuance (through emails-she never calls me) My attorney claims that "The Commonwealth" (the court) continued the case this time-not me! My question is: IS IT NORMAL FOR A COURT TO JUST "CONTINUE" A CASE FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON? My attorney never disclosed any reason. Or, is there just a good chance she is just lying to me. And, maybe SHE was the one that filed that continueance. To keep stalling this out for her benefit. More paperwork & more $$ for her & "the firm". I am starting to doubt her intentions and I am starting to believe she wants to "milk" this out now ($$ wise) for as much as she can. We have been argueing over all this (again, via emails).

    Another question: How long does it usually take before these cases finally do make it to trial? (Remember, It's in Pennsylvania courts)

    Any answers/thoughts would greatly be appreciated! I AM GOING TO STOP HERE in hopes of getting some sort of reply.

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    Default Re: Court Date Continuances in Pennsylvania

    The longer it goes the better chance your attorney has of getting a reduction. Two years is not unusual in some courts. It just depends.

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    Default Re: Court Date Continuances in Pennsylvania

    Either party can request a continuance and it is not un-common for the court to request the continuance for a number of reasons.

    You can call the court yourself to find out the latest reason. If your attorney is lying to you you can file a fee dispute with the local bar.

    One reason for a large number of continuances is scheduling with the officer can be tough, especially near the end of the month when OT for the police is used up.
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    Default Re: Court Date Continuances in Pennsylvania

    Thank you to both members above that took the time to answer my questions or concerns....

    As of recent, our (my lawyer & mine) email communications were getting pretty heated....I would ask or express questions etc. She would not reply at first...I would turn up ther heat on her & her methods-(again, NO REAL communication from her about keeping me up to date, new developments or anything) just to know she is "alive" & get her to respond.... Finally, she replied but, of course she was somewhat nasty to me. She started to go into how she did not need or want to hear me "vent" Like I was bothering her...From there she proceeded to tell me about her "self proclaimed greatness" (how great of an attorney she is) & being in "high demand" finishing with "not being offended if I went elsewhere" or "not preceeding at all" I feel I have the right to ask or express my thoughts & feelings about what is going on especially being about my case and, a paying client. (What ever happened to caring & compassion???)....At this point I just decided to "leave this alone until I hear from her again" (if I even do hear from her) I just don't understand all this...To me its hard now being in another state (I recently returned BACK home to the state I came to PA from 4 years ago)....In closing here for now I will add: "I have NEVER been in this kind of trouble with the law"...ever!

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