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    Default Considering Chapter 13, But Afraid Because Of Transfer Of Debts

    Hi. I filed for banruptcy chapter 7 back in 2003. I was dircharged.Now 2008 I owed about $ 15.000 and my wife also owed 15,000. since I filed for bankruptcy once we decided to pay for our debts at this time. My wife got into a Debt Settlement plan with Credit Solutions to try to pay hers first. However, we started making the first payments to them and her credit cards balances were going up crazily. She started received calls all day and she got scared. Now, her APR was over 30% being charger almost 600,00 a month of interest. So, I decided to stop the plan and transfer all her balance to my credit cards since I still had some card with a very low APR. So, I had to make some balance transfers and cash advances to pay her debts. I paid it all now I owe her balance. The only reason I transfered all her debts was because the interests were too high because of this program she got into. Now, I can't keep up with the payments. I did not know I could file for bankrutpcy chapter 13 until a friend of mine told me. Can I do that? Will my debts be discharged even thought I made some recently cash advances and balance trasferes to pay for my wife's debts? Should I wait? How long?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Considering Chapter 13 But Afraid Because Of Transfer Of Debts.

    Did you have 15,000 left after the bankruptcy was discharged that you had to pay?
    Speak with your bankruptcy attorney. It may be possible but considering on your recent transactions and the fact that it was not your orgininal debt, you could run into problems. You would also have to meet the means test for a 13.

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    Default Re: Considering Chapter 13 But Afraid Because Of Transfer Of Debts.

    No, I did not have any debts. It all incurred in the past 5 years. Maybe I should wait and pay a little of that and then consider filling. Then there might be a little of good faith from me trying to pay them.

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