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    Default How To Do An Asset Search

    I have a judgement, know the individuals ssn, how do I go about finding what bank accounts there have. How can I get someone else credit report?

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    Default Re: How To Do An Asset Search

    There are numerous online services that will sell you a copy of a credit report, although they should first make you complete a form to certify that you are legally entitled to obtain a copy.

    If you are a judgment creditor, you can explore the possibility of a creditor's exam under the laws of your state.

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    Default Re: How To Do An Asset Search

    If you hold a judgment you have a right to subpoena the person to a Judgement Debtors Exam, also noted by the all-knowing Mr. Knowitall, as a creditors exam. Both names are common and vary by state.

    You will have to file for the exam, have them served (usually the sheriff will do this for a fee; if you only have the work address it really ruffles feathers) and then show up to court. If they don't show, and they have been properly served, some judges (not all) will issue a bench warrant for their arrest.

    There are exempt items and non-exempt items. For example, on large judgements ( I worked collections) my manager could attach a lein to a house and start foreclosure proceeedings. Sometimes that can come back to bite you. In one case he foreclosed on a mobile home expecting the people to pay the debt. Nope, they needed the mobile home towed so they could get a new one and it was not their property anymore; they sold it to a relative after the judgement was entered but before our paperwork hit the courts. Eventually we got a thousand out of the home; the manager sold it to his son-in-law for the moving expeses. The new home was mortgaged and there was negative equity.

    Collecting the judgement can be difficult, but perserverance pays off OR forces the debtor into bankruptcy.

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