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    Default Do I Have A Good Case For Emancipation?

    Hi everyone, my name is......lets just call me Kasey. I'm a 16 year-old living in Florida with my mother and grandfather. My parents are still married but my father lives in Puerto Rico because he isn't ready to move away from his family (which is in Puerto Rico) yet. I am really considering getting emancipated because I can't take living with my mother anymore. She hardly pays attention to me because she's always looking after my grandfather. Don't get me wrong, i know my grandpa needs help sometimes, but there's always a limit. On the other hand, when my mother does feel like giving me the time of day it's always to get on my nerves and make a big deal about the smalest things....for example, she forces me to go to church 3 times a week, i cant listen to non-christian music, everything i read or watch has to be approved by her, etc. My mother is a control freak and does not let me have a voice or an opinion. Our fighting has now become so frequent that I cut myself 3-4 times a day and constantly think about killing myself just to get away from her.....i can't stand her. I don't have a job, YET, but i am filling out applications and hopefully I will find one soon. Plus, I already have a place to stay. I've read the Florida emancipation laws and I am the right age.....I'm just wondering, since im sure my mom will not give me permision to get emancipated, if I have a good enough case to take her to court. And if I do, what steps should I take or who should I talk to?

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    Default Re: Do You Think I Have A Good Case?

    No, your mom would need to approve, since it is the parent that initiates the emancipation procedure in Florida.

    Even if she did, a judge would not emancipate you, because you are not able to support yourself.

    I would suggest you seek counseling to help you through this tough time in your life.

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    Default Re: Do You Think I Have A Good Case?

    Q: Do You Think I Have A Good Case?

    A: You have no case whatsoever. Emancipation means that you have a full-time job and that you are supporting yourself 100%.

    End of story.


    Even if.

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    Default Re: Do You Think I Have A Good Case?

    No, I not only do not think you have a good case, I do not think you have a case at all.

    In Florida, the ONLY way you could be emancipated is if YOUR MOTHER filed the petition. If she will not, then your chances of being emancipated are exactly zero.

    Nothing you have posted even remotely suggests that a judge would be willing to emancipate you over your mother's objections. Additionally, the fact that you are cutting yourself and thinking of suicide means that you need more supervision, not less. There isn't a judge in the world who would see a self-harming, suicidal teen as a good candidate for living away from parental supervison. That's even assuming you are able to find a job that will pay you enough to be self-supporting (which takes far more than most teens realize) while still going to school.

    Give up on the idea of emancipation and see if your mother would be willing to let you see a counselor. THAT might be of some value to you, with the cutting and the suicidal thoughts. Emancipation will not.

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    Default Re: Do I Have A Good Case For Emancipation?

    Sorry "Kasey" Hate to agree with it but it's true. Honestly what I would suggest is just talking to your mom and telling her how you feel. It may suprise you. My grandmother suprises me all the time!! It could also start grounds for a more understanding relationship with each other.

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