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    Default Correcting Birth Certificate From Texas

    My daughter was living in Texas and was in a mentally abusive situation. When she became pregnant her boyfriend would not let her have any prenatal care. She developed preeclampsia and had a seizure while at home. Instead of calling an ambulance him and a female room mate took her to the hospital (dropping her down the stairs of the apartment along the way causing her to have several bruises when entering the hospital). His reason was because he had a warrant out for his arrest so her didn't want to call 911. She was told by attending doctor that she could have been stablized immediately if they would have. Unfortunately she had 2 more seizures in the hospital and they were forced to take the baby early. Both were in critical condition. The doctor and nurses suspected abuse but never said anything to her. Their reasoning was that she never said anything to them. She was on a morphine drip at the time they brought the birth certificate in for her to sign. Instead of asking her alone they did it while he was there so he put his name on the certificate and the baby was named after him thus having his last name. She was not planning on having his name on the certificate or the baby having his first or last name. In fact I had a flight scheduled for the next week to bring her back home before the baby was to be born. She remembered them telling her that she had so many days to change it. The hospital later told her it was 5 days. I flew down a couple of days after she was released. I took her back to the doctor and she was put back in the hospital because he would not get the medication prescribed from the doctor so her blood pressure shot up to 196/136 (shocking I know). She asked the hospital about the certificate which had been signed less then 5 days before and was told it had already been mailed. The baby is 2 weeks old and will be in ICU for awhile. She has left him and wants to change the first and last name. Can this be done without his consent considering the circumstances? She does not want to have any contact with him.

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    Default Re: Correcting Birth Certificate From Texas

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