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    Unhappy Filling Out False Domestic Violence Report

    I live in NE. and I recently had my husband arrested for domestic violence which he didnt do. I had told the officer I was drinking and on presciption meds for anxiety (which he did not put in the report and did not take what I said accurately) I am wanting to know how I go about getting him off of the charges and what am I looking at for lying? They took pics of a bruise on my leg which I had said was put by him but I honestly have no clue where it came from. I did not sign the report or write it in my handwritting and I dont know how I can get him out of this mess and keep me from getting in a mess. Please help!!!!

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    Default Re: Filling Out False Domestic Violence Report

    He is going to have to go to get an attorney and have his day in court to get out of it. The judge might not believe you. Hard to tell but he needs an attorney and you will need your own.
    I did not sign the report or write it in my handwritting
    You don't have to sign the report, the officer who wrote it does. ?????? not even sure what you mean by " or write it in my handwritting"
    A criminal defense attorney will be the best person to tell you what kind of charges you are facing and someone locally who is familiar with the DA and the Judges.

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    Default Re: Filling Out False Domestic Violence Report

    Oh what I meant by not in my handwritting is the state I am from you always had to write in your handwritting and words if a report was made by you or against you. But this one I didnt swear underoath or write it or sign what the police officer wrote. so that is what I was referring to.. I guess I am just confused on how it works cause I did lie not denying that but it is bad cause he changed some stuff around and put some things in there that I know I didnt say and also he asked me if I was drinking and I told him yes I was the only one that was drinking and that I was on prescription meds for anxiety and even took them while he was doing the report and he failed to put any of that in the report and I didnt know till yesterday since I didnt get to see the report when he was done. Which I cant believe I did such a stupid thing to someone I love so much. I am off the meds now and definitly thinking much clearer but not in the subject of having no clue what to do about this charge or what I am looking at for lying if I fess up? And since I have gotten the readout on the meds I was on and the say do not drink with it which I did and that it can also cause memory loss, amnesia, and hulisinating (however you spell it) I seemed to think I was cause I was definitly not being myself and have never done anything so stupid in my life. I have never even had a speeding ticket and now I have gone and done soemthing so insane and have no clue what the heck I was thinking and how to get out of this mess!!!!!

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