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    Default Who Do I Make Money Order Out To?

    I have received the official ticket for my 4 year old speeding ticket from the Fort Covington Town Court.
    I'm just wondering, do I make the money order out to the town court or to the state of New York? It doesn't specify who to make it out to and their court hours are only after 6:00pm one day a week and I would really like to mail this tonight. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Who Do I Make Money Order Out To?

    If the info is not on the document, then you have to call them.

    Be sure to get the name of the person you talked to.

    Send it certified mail, return receipt requested.

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    Default Re: Who Do I Make Money Order Out To?

    Make it out to Fort Covington Town Court. Be sure to write the ticket number and your info on the money order and send it per SJ. I assume that you are fully aware of the consequences and the surcharge depending on the number of points by entering a plea of guilty.

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    Default Re: Who Do I Make Money Order Out To?

    Thank you!
    Its a strange situation. Our insurance was notified when it orignally occured 4 years ago, and our rates went up, but I never had a problem renewing my license even though it wasn't paid (I am in Canada)
    By surcharges, do you mean the surcharge that is noted on the ticket?
    (Fine $90.00 + Surcharge $55.00)

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