I am a father of a 3 year old girl who I love and have court ordered visitation with. I was not available at the time of birth due to incarceration. I tried without avail to get legal assistance. I never got to see her until I was out. Then the mother refused visitation with me so I tried to find help but found nothing but a brick wall because paternity was never established. Eventually after my daughter was almost 3 yrs old her mother filed for state assistance and was forced to file for paternity testing against me, which I was more than happy to comply with. I was determined to be the father and was subsequently awarded supervised visitation. Now over six months later I have been awarded with unsupervised visits. I say all this to give some background.
My actual question is this: Can I get my daughters last name changed to my last name even if the mother objects to the change. And what do I have to do to have my name listed on the birth certificate as the father. I think that it is only right that every child should bear the fathers name except in extreme situations.