Hello, I'm newly registered but have lurked here before.

Recently, my best friend and I (she is 16) took a trip to Disneyland. She lives with her step father (until yesterday, not her legal guardian) who is verbally abusive. She had finally had enough, and I offered her the opportunity to go on vacation (just me and her - I am 17). She accepted, with or without her stepfather's knowledge - unclear at this point - and we flew out last Friday, and back last Sunday, after having the time of our lives. We stayed at a hotel in Anaheim without incident. (We live in CA as well)

Upon her return, her stepfather became so verbally abusive she attempted suicide by taking sleeping pills. After a brief stint in the psych unit, it was found that she could not be released after her 51-50 expired because her stepfather lacked custody of her. He went to family court yesterday and got custody, and she was released. He found out that we went to Disneyland after she told a police officer responding to the call of her overdosing on sleeping pills, who relayed the information to him.

Today, I have been getting threatening phone calls from him, stating, among other things, "I'm gonna sue your family" and so fourth. I've called some of her other friends, and he has said this before to them. He has accused some of our mutual friends of being crack addicts, prostitutes, and drug dealers, all of which is obviously false. He's leaving me messages on my cell phone demanding to talk to my parents, so I played them for my mother, who told me it's best to just ignore it.

My question - is it best to just ignore it? Does this man have any legal standing to sue? If so, based on what? He was not her legal guardian at the time we went to Disneyland, the airline did not ask for any form of parental consent, nor did the hotel. It was clear on our tickets that we were both minors, as we payed a youth fare and they verified it by our school ID.

Does this man have any grounds to sue? She decided to go, I took her (and payed), we had fun, flew back, and all was well until he went off on a tangent against her.

Side note: Since her suicide attempt, she has gone back to his household, and CPS has scheduled a follow-up.

Any help is sincerely appreciated.