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    Default Moving Out At Eighteen

    I have quick question I live in Georgia, and I'm 18 yrs old...& I want to move out and live with my boyfriend...My mother is planning to leave the country and is trying to force me to go with her..but I do not want to go. Is She allowed to do that? To force me to go with her? .....I wish to Stay in the U.S....I've been trying to get this question answered for the longest...thanks so much!!

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    Default Re: Moving Out At Eighteen

    You are free to do what you like in this country at 18.

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    Default Re: Moving Out At Eighteen

    I do want to add, however, that freedom is a two way street.

    Just as you are an adult and can choose your own place to live and with whom you associate, so can your parents now decline to have any further interaction with you.

    In other words, your parents are no longer required to provide for your financial, emotional or physical well being.

    Many brand new adults want to move away from mom and dad and still demand they pay for a new car or college. Unless a court order requires such payments (such as in a divorce agreement), you can be cut off without a cent and without another phone call.

    Choose carefully.

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    Default Re: Moving Out At Eighteen

    I just want to add to cyjeff's response:

    That not only can they cut you off, they can refuse to come back and live with them once you figure out that relationships that start at or before 18 very rarely work out long term.

    So, once you 2 break up, you better have a good enough job to support yourself, because if you were my child, once you're grown up enough to move out, you can never become a child again and move back.

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