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    Default Re: Taking A Minor On Vacation Without Permission

    gigirle, thanks for understanding that a male and female can be friends without anything sexual. So many people are under the impression that there is something more, or that it is impossible for us to be friends without being lovers.

    As for the police getting involved, I talked to a policewoman today who basically took the time to go over the situation with me, checked through her reference book, and said that there are no statutes or laws against what we did. He wasn't her guardian at the time, and she was just living at his house - no legal authority over her. Also, she decided fully and freely to go with me and there was nothing illegal about that.

    Regarding the missing person's report, the Officer that I talked to (she might have been a Sergeant - she had chevrons on her uniform) said that anyone can file one about anyone else. This man has filed runaway reports against her younger brother (his child - his custody) when he was so abusive he spent the night at a neighbor's house because he feared for his safety and wellbeing, yet called his house phone to inform his father where he was.

    Cyjeff, if you read the post, she wasn't "removed."

    Her legal guardian is not present. Her biological father is in Samoa somewhere, and her mother is a crack addict in another part of the state. She left the family when the stepfather's abuse became too much. He has a restraining order against her prohibiting visitation of her brothers and sisters (all of whom he is the father of) but not of her. Her mother was - in the State of California - until two days ago, her legal guardian.

    Cyjeff, please, please, please stop making assumptions and judgment. I have read this board for a while, and I came here for advice, not to be attacked on baseless allegations.


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