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    Default New York Driver's License Revoked

    Need help here. I been living in NY for 9 years. Never had a license from any other state. This is the run down of what happened.

    1. got a ticket in july 2004 for driving a motorcycle with no insurance.

    2. Plead guilty to the above ticket in January 2007.My license got revoked for 1 year, $150 fine and $750 civil penalty when I re-apply for my license after 1 year.

    3. Applied for a hardship license same day and received it in mail in 10 days. (march 2007)

    4. got into a traffic infraction (operating out of restriction) in Nov 2007. Plead guilty to this charge after 1 month (dec 22 2007)

    5. Went to DMV in Jan 2007 to pay $750 civil penalty and re-apply for NYS license.They said if you get a ticket while driving on a hardship license the revocation period starts over from the date you get convicted of the violation. which means I can re-apply in DEC 2008..

    I need serious help.

    Can I get a license from another state? or any form of license if I am willing to move out of NY state?

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Default Re: New York Driver's License Revoked

    You can expect that every other state will respect the New York suspension.

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