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    Smile Owner/Boss Is Trying To Force Me Out

    I am working in a small company in IL for 7 years.(3 employees).My boss goes through a temporary service for insurance and accounting services only.Weekly he faxes or time cards to them.Well recently him and I got into a small argument.He has never told me to go home because its slow.Well in the last 3 weeks I've lost 3 days pay (2 right after this argument) during these 2 days I called the temporary service to tell them about what had happened.They told me it was the right thing to do.They contacted him he denied any argument and down played it to say There is no work.In the past I and other employees have got paid for pushing a broom all day.Here's the problem he gave ALL the employees another day off soon after(to cover his butt),and I highly suspect that he paid the the others for the day off and not me.Because they seemed not to be bothered by it.In fact they look forward to more it seems.I saw my boss pull them to the side and talk to them on payday. Yet there is A LOT is stuff being shipped in for my job and he continues to make it look like there is no work.I think he is fraudulently faxing time cards to this service and trying to force me to seek other employment by paying them for time off and not me.(maybe more days off in the near future)Is this considered harassment or a viable lawsuit if this is true?? Ps I Have the signed time cards from the co-workers stating they got the 32 hours that week, I need to find out what was faxed.(found them in the garbage)

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    Unless he is discriminating based on a protected reason (i.e. you are the only female or only Greek, etc), he has every right to pay some employees for time off and not others. He could pay them because he likes the way their hair looks or because they didn't argue with him. Or because they smell nice.

    Also there is a large chance that he must not think that the argument was "small". Do you work for the temp service or the boss? I don't really understand why you talked to the temp service if you work for the boss directly.

    Otherwise, as long as you are getting paid for the hours that you are working, he is not doing anything against the law.

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    I see nothing illegal here & don't see where you have any type of case.

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