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    Default Auto accident - insurance says it is a no-fault crash

    A car hit my girlfriend car .
    She was in the middle lane a car hit her's door this was other other partys blind spot.
    At the time of the crash the other party admitted thier at fault.
    2 people in car my girl car was just her alone driving.
    my girl has no police report now the other party insurance is saying its my girsl at fault she has no witness at all
    my insurance said its a no fault crash my girl has to pay deductible
    its basically my insurance versus thier insurance and my insurance seems like thier really sloppy on handeling this case
    my girl is afraid of being at fault its very obious it was not her fault a car hit her car the other car has no damage
    we are in la ca any suggetions?

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    Default Resolving Dispute Over Deductible

    If your insurance company won't assist, your girlfriend may well have to attempt to resolve the claim herself in small claims court.

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    Thats what I was thinking - I wished she would of got a witness.
    I have a feelin the other guy lied to his insurance and since he has a witness it makes her look now like its her fault.

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