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    Unhappy Doctors Told How To Treat Me

    okay now what is right is right & what is wrong is realy wrong.
    My nurse case manager was/ and is friends with my previous employer...thus leading no proper treatment given to me. I saw a MD,then returned only to be discharged, saw a MD then attempt to rescheudle f/u appt. only to find out I got discharge over the word "fricken" then saw a doc then followed up only to be told there was nothing wrong with me & it was all in my head. Mind you these physicans all placed me on some serous meidcation on high dosage amounts ....and nothing was wrong with me? I still have the pain with no money / no income / no insureance. My nurse case manager was able to tell the docs what & how to treat me. this is just no right!

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    Default Re: Doctors Told How To Treat Me

    If you think your benefits were wrongly terminated, consult a worker's compensation lawyer in your state.

    You chose to ignore the instruction to identify your state, so that's all I can really say.

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