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    Post Mississippi Shoplifting

    From what I've read, Mississippi law dictates that shoplifting for any amount under $500 is a misdemeanor. I've also been unable to find information, even just a thread in this forum, about the outcome of a shoplifting case in MS.

    Are any of you aware of a shoplifting trial in the state of MS that
    (1) was dropped to "infraction"
    (2) was kept off a person's record due to "diversion"

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    Default Re: Mississippi Shoplifting

    You should consult a local criminal defense lawyer, who will be able to inform you of the policies of your county courts and prosecutor's office.

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    Default Re: Mississippi Shoplifting

    Turns out, in my state, you do not get a lawyer if you plead "Not Guilty" If you want one, you pay for it.

    Also, in my city, none of the lawyers I called would talk to me about policies without finding out what my case was, and wouldn't talk to me, then, because I'm "not liking to get jail time."

    I'm just updating this for people that search Mississippi Shoplifting, on this forum.

    You're better off just paying the fines (which I still don't know the amount for) and God Help You if you -didn't- do it, because they'll treat you like you're guilty until proven innocent.

    I'll update, again, after my trial.

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