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    Default In a Car Accident Without Insurance, but Not at Fault

    I was in an accident recently, but I was a month behind on my insurance payments so I technically did not have valid insurance insurance at the excuses, just times have been tough financially. A police report was made and the cop took my insurance information and didn't say anything because well, the insurance card states it expires at a later date. A police report was made and it's quite obvious that it wasn't my fault. The fault is placed on the tow truck company. I'm quite positive that the police report will state that it's not my fault, and I can use that as proof. I already contacted the at fault driver's insurance company and the insurance adjuster himself stated that they were 100 percent at fault, and they were going to pay me for damages. My question is, if they found out that I did not have insurance, are they still required to pay for the damages to my car? It's been weeks and I still haven't recieved a check. I figured they found out I don't have insurance and refuse to pay. Could this be the case? And if they did, does that mean they can refuse to pay? Are they still obligated to pay for my damages knowing that I did not have valid insurance because I was behind on payments? Would getting a lawyer help, and if so, would i win? Thanks.

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    Default California Accident; Uninsured Driver

    I have not seen any law which would relieve them of their obligation to pay for your economic losses just because you were uninsured. Insurance companies move slowly. If they ultimately deny your claim, they will tell you. You may wish to simply call the adjuster you are working with, and ask the status of your claim.

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    Default sr71

    You should not have a problem since the other insurance co. accepted liability.
    You are required to file an sr71 (accident report) to DMV and supply inurance info.
    The other ins. co. will proably file it and you'll get a letter demanding a report.
    Just lie about your policy.

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