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    Default Given 3 Days To Vacate Premises

    My husband and I recently rented a trailer. It isn't in the best of shape, but we agreed to move in and do the work ourselves and we would be reimbursed for the work. Well, we have not been able to reach our landlord via his cell phone for about 6 weeks... It's been going on 2 months since we gave him the first months rent. We have not been able to move in as of yet because of some major problems with the property that is beyond our financial reach, that are his responsibilities. I reported to the Health Department in my city that there were multiple leaks from the roof, that have caused mold to grow around the floorboard. We have notified the landlord by word, and in writing, and have been told on multiple occasions that he would provide the tar, as long as my husband did the work. He has failed to give us the tar to fix it. We also reported to the Health Department that we have no electric, because of some wiring problems under ground/under the trailer. We had an electrician friend of ours come over and test the wires to see where we had power. We also reported that we have already spent over 30.00 on pipes for the water. That is also not our responsibility. In the health code papers, it says that they must make sure there is running water. So we have no electric, no heat, leaks from the ceiling, a leak around the toilet, and some SERIOUS problems with the water pipes. In the health code booklet, it also said that a landlord is required to provide the tenants with an address and a telephone number for emergency situations and so that rent may be paid.
    He has failed to provide us any way of getting ahold of him other than a phone number, that an employee of his told us had been changed and was not even his anymore. Everything that I have mentioned is in the code booklet as his responsibility.

    Today we received a notice that we had 3 days to evacuate the premises, remove all of our property, and return a key or remove the doorknob that we put on. His maintenance man has been to the property 2times in one day, and he stated in the notice, that he had been there multiple times. Here's the problem with that, we were not notified that he would be coming, and the landlord is aware that we are not living at the property. He knows where my mothers house is (that's where we're staying), and he has our phone number. He also stated that we have not paid rent for this month, but we have not been able to move in because of all of the problems, and we have no way to reach him to pay rent.

    My question is, if we were to take him to court for the money that we have paid him, and for a reimbursement of the money spent on the trailer, that we will not have use of, would we have a strong enough case to win?

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    I live in Ohio btw... and another thing I left out, we did not sign a lease of any sort, we just received a receipt of payment of rent, that also said that repairs would be reimbursed... and on the notice to leave the premises, he states that he does not have a key to get into the premises, but the business about 2 feet from our trailer just got broken into, and we dont want to take a chance of him leaving it unlocked and it being broken into as well... He has not attempted to get ahold of us to ask for a key, and we quit leaving it unlocked when the business got broken into.. and also, he removed a gas stove, but left it in our kitchen. We were told that we would be given an electric stove.. and also, the furnace... he took out the gas furnace, and replaced it with an electric one, and neither has been removed from the property. It says in the health booklet that it is his responsibility to remove any appliances that are not being used.

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    Question Re: Given 3 Days To Vacate Premises

    Okay.. Did I do something wrong with my post? I posted this like a week ago, and still haven't gotten a reply...?!?

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    Default Re: Given 3 Days To Vacate Premises

    Please understand that the people here are volunteers.

    If you've not received a response yet, it's not because you've done something wrong, it's because no one has been able to find a suitable answer yet. Questions requiring an immediate answer are best handled by hiring an attorney.

    As it happens, I'm an Ohio resident myself and have been looking into this, but at present am stumped.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I play a researcher on the internet!
    Caution: I bite. WARNING: Do not send questions or complaints by PM. I'm likely to post them publicly and embarrass you half to death.
    I'm training for the MS Society's Bike to the Bay - and blogging about it!

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    Default Re: Given 3 Days To Vacate Premises

    I'm sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention...

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