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    Default Ohio Emancipation Issues

    Hi my name is Jacki and I am 16 years old. I have had a pretty rough time living in Ohio with my dad and step-mom, things are not going well and I am always depressed. My parents admitted me into a facility called Lincoln Place back in July. They told me to get out of their house and the posted me as a run-away. While I was in Lincoln Place I had to go through all of this counseling and Drug and Alcohol rehab when I do not even have an addiction. I have only tasted alcohol once and tried marijuana once in my life also. I just recently was able to come home at the begining of October. Ever since I have been out things have been horrible for me. I do my chores, make good grades, and do everything I am asked of. Nothing is good enough for them though. They told me I can get a car, but I have to buy it and I am not allowed to get a job. I want to know what I can do to get emancipated in the state of Ohio. My dad owns his own buisness and is always on the phone and on his computer, and my step-mom is a police officer. When you come into my house my dad is in his office with the door shut and my step-mom is in her office with the door shut. When I come home after school I do what they tell me to do and then sit in my room until I get ready for bed. Everyday I sit in my room and cry because i feel unwanted! Well I want to feel like I'm needed, so I want to support myself and live on my own and prove to everyone including myself who thought that I could never do anything that I can. I am ready to take care of myself and live to my own expectations. How can I be emancipated?? Please someone help me!

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    Default Emancipation in Ohio

    You can emancipate in Ohio through lawful marriage, or through active duty service in the armed forces. If your marriage or service ends before your eighteenth birthday, you are again subject to the control of your parents.

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    Default Re: I need help!

    hey im mom and i have never gotten along well....she drinks way to much .... i want to move out so bad ...but shes making it impossible...i went away to a boarding school in Georgia for a while to see if it would help... and it hasnt ... the only thing i can do at this point is to just move out... i have a place to live and can support myself finacially i just dont know how to go about getting out... im looking for a lawyer right now... if you can help please do...thanx xoxox

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