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    Default Breach Of Contract By Company In Texas

    I live in AR and I purchased a computer in Texas. I paid $5264 for this computer. They told me when I ask about interest rate, "Your interest will be based on your credit score, and if it is high, your rate will be low". Well my credit score was over 750 so I assumed I would get a real good rating like I did on my house. NOT !!! They set my rate at 29.49%. I called them and they said that was as low as they offered anyone. I then said, "Heaven forbid, what do you charge someone with bad credit, 80%?" and they hung up on me.
    I was already fighting with them on the computer because it was a LEMON. The tech even admitted it needed to be sent back. never had the ram I ordered. I ordered two GB and got one GB. I had also told them I did not want to buy a computer if I could not make payments online due to being disabled. They said I could. Well, I could not. I had to make them by phone and they charged me $15 each time I made a payment. I had intended to get low interest and make maybe double payments. it turned out, I paid it off in five months to save giving them an arm and a leg and half the rest of my body in interest. The computer started acting up after about three weeks. I knew it was not new when I got it due to dust on the fan. But.... I could not get anyone to send me an RMA to send it back. They all just tried to fix it and it never got fixed. I filled out a survey and told them how "the cow eat the cabbage" and a member from their Goldcase called me and said, "We will make this right" and he was full of apologies. Well, they sent me another computer and it never worked any better. So after the tech remotely worked on it, he said, "There is definitely something wrong with it". So....I contacted the person that had contacted me and told him I would like to just have a refund. He agreed and even sent me an email telling me a check was on the way. I never got it and when I talked to them last they said, "It was mailed February 8 for $4742.43. Well, it was supposed to have been $5264.95. I told him this and he said, "I will see that they send you a second check for that amount" Now they are saying that they sent it to my old address and if it was cashed they will not write another check for me. I ask them how I could find out if it had been cashed and she said, "We will let know" DUH !! They had nothing but lie so I told her, "No, I want to see the proof myself so I can press charges" and she said, "We are not allowed to give that to you".
    Can anyone tell me what to do to get my money back? I need a computer in order to get a job. This one I am using is far too old to meet any requirements of jobs I need to work from home. I am not able to work outside my home. I need some advice please. Don't they have to show me proof that it was cashed? I ask them to cancel the check and cut another one for me for the right amount. I nearly know that from Feb 8 to now, it should have been forwarded to my new address. I put in a forwarding address when I moved.

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    Default Re: Breach Of Contract By Company In Texas

    You should have received a copy of the contract and financing disclosure. Did you read those documents? What did they say about interest rates?

    The issue now is waiting for the reissuance of a refund check, that they sent to the wrong address? If the check was not yet cashed they can stop payment on it and issue you a new check. If it was, and they refuse to issue you another check, you can sue them in small claims court.

    Paying over $5,000.00 for a computer? If you're truly of limited income, and aren't using the computer to run high-end applications in a work environment, that doesn't make sense even before we discuss interest rates. You would have to buy high-end, bleeding edge equipment to justify that sort of price.

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