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    Default Spousal Responsibility Of Dead Spouse's Medical Bills In Texas

    My husband passed away suddenly after a car accident and a 4 day hospital stay and he was sent (not I was sent) a medical bill for $55,000.00. I have no funds to pay this. There was no estate, no will, no assests and we did not own a home. We rented an apt, were only married for 11 months. There was no bank account. We had only liability insurance on the car.

    I had not even had the chance to take a day off and get my SSN changed to my married name, it is still in my previous last name.

    I did open a bank account under my previous last name after my husband's death. Not much in it.

    There is a life insurance policy, I carried the policy through my work. He did not have any policies. It's not much of a policy, won't even cover one year's salary. Basically enough to pay the burial expense with a little left over.

    I believe Texas is community property state, but if there is nothing in the estate, how can I remove my obligations to these medical bills? I never gave the hospital my SSN either; without it, esp if they do not have my correct name, how can they put this on my credit?

    Can they take the life insurance money if he never carried it, it was my policy through my work?

    I was thinking of returning the hospital bill with a copy of the death certificate and a note stating there is no will, no estate, no assests and no bank account. Do you think this will help?

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    Default Re: Spousal Responsibility Of Dead Spouse's Medical Bills In Texas

    Texas, being a community property state, debts assumed within the marriage including medical debts are joint obligations of both spouses, even if only one spouse is party to the contract.

    However; if you are sued & a judgement rendered against you for the medical bill & there are no non-exempt assets to seize, then there will be nothing for the creditor to get/take.

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