The case is in pa, what happened was in 2000 husband got dui charge, before law enacted in 2003. He got probation for it, then violated his probation a couple of years later with a possesion charge in another county. So he ended up restarting the dui probation and also had probation for the second charge in separte county. Now in 2005 he was pulled over for driving reckless and the cop said he smelled liquor on him. The cops never gave him a test, and he didn't refuse it (eventhough they may have said it in affidavit I don't know) now he is in prison.

My question is how much time can they give him for violating his probation? I always thought that they can only give you the maxium for the crime that was commited (his first DUI, which when it was committed the law was not as strict) can somebody please help me out? I can't find any thing on the probation violation!