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    Default Rental Of Unpermitted Space

    I would like to know about the tax implications of renting out permitted space in a home. I am not sure how to claim the income. I can not depreciate the space in the home because it technically does not exist. I can not claim it on tax records as it can not be added to the square footage of the house. I checked into permitting and it can not be permitted. The space was existing when I purchased my home, I didn't add it on, but now I want to rent it out. It is not accessible from the primary residence and not counted is its total square feet.

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    Default Re: Rental Of Unpermitted Space

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    ...Rental Of Unpermitted Space...I would like to know about the tax implications of renting out permitted space in a home...
    Okay, I give up.

    What are you talking about?

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    Default Re: Rental Of Unpermitted Space

    Uhhhhh, you want a room mate, and don't know how to claim your rental income?
    Your zoned as a 1 family, and you want to make it a 2 family?
    or something?
    Or, you have a permit for a non permitted space in a premitted zone, with undeclared permits?
    Who's on first
    Seriously, your post is a bit hard to grasp.

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