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    Angry California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    I have been approved as of 3 weeks ago, I can't get through to find out what's up, there is no other way to reach these people. What are my alternatives? Since you have to notify them within ten days of not getting a check and I can't, What do I do?

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    Default Re: CA EDD Phone Always "busy"

    Q: What are my alternatives?

    A: Write a certified letter, return receipt requested; e-mail; posting a message on their website; visit in person; send an agent to visit the office; call your state representative and complain to him/her/it; etc. etc. etc.

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    Default Re: CA EDD Phone Always "busy"

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    I have been approved as of 3 weeks ago, I can't get through to find out what's up, there is no other way to reach these people. What are my alternatives? Since you have to notify them within ten days of not getting a check and I can't, What do I do?
    EDD has an automated phone system so you should be able to get electronic answers. Are you listenning to automated menu or just pressing "O" to get a person?

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    Default Re: CA EDD Phone Always "busy"

    Sometimes you can be on hold for over an hour only to get a recording that they can not take your call. There is a link to contact them on the website - then it gives you a list of FAQs - and then another link to send them an e-mail. Expect 4-7 business days for their '24 hour' response.

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    Default Re: CA EDD Phone Always "busy"

    I have had no need of EDD for some years but last time I did there was a menu option for automated information on your check.

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    Post Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    GOTTA LOVE UNCLE SAM!!! He's all over you when he's needs something, but LORD when you need him...nothing but b.s.

    From my experience, EDD is scandalous--they will not answer the line when you press '0' and they also close down the lines from time to time due to "more callers than {they} can handle" and you're just S.O.L.

    I have found a code to reach an EDD representative. Select:

    1 for English
    2 for File, Reopen, Information About Your Claim, General Info
    4 for Help With Your Claim
    3 for Additional Information

    I just type it in real fast 1-2-4-3 and it works about 30% of the time.
    Pressing 0 worked 0% of the time.

    If you call EDD back-to-back, it jams up their phone lines so wait a few seconds before you try again.

    Peace Be With You and God Bless!

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    Here is a trick that will guarantee you 90% chance of being able to speak with an EDD representative.

    Dial 1800-300-5616
    when you get through and hear, "Welcome to..."
    Press, "1,3,0"

    keep trying if you don't get through the first few times. It took me consecutively five calls within five minutes and I got through. BY keep trying, i dont mean that it will take you days, even weeks like it took me. I mean, you will get through the same day for sure.
    I have been trying to reach them non-stop on the dot fro 8am to 5pm only to sadly hear, "we're sorry but the offices are now closed." everyday for three weeks!!! until someone told me to go to a job office and the lady there instantly gave me the information above.

    When I did get through to EDD, I told the representative that this crucial information should be made more GLARINGLY OBVIOUS at their website because I bet there are hundreds of other uninformed people like me who are probably frustrated not knowing how to get through to a representative. He only replied, we cant just change and put information on the website, it is to protect the agency and system. I replied, I understand but I am not asking something that would or could even compromise that. I am only asking to put information on their website that is more helpful to the public because the information that is currently presented is not practical and useful. Lots of people cannot get through.

    Isnt the agency established for the people and by the people just as government is established so? Why isnt EDD more open to the public they serve and not wiling to change their way of conducting "business" if it would help the community, the people they serve?

    Maybe they are afraid that too many people will now bombard their lines even more now that I will post this information on the web. And the problem will continue until all the people involved in making the rules and regulations at EDD change their mental attitude and exist for the purpose of really what the agency and system is meant to do - act to help the people.

    Tags: getting through EDD, call EDD representative, how to contact an EDD representative, help contacting EDD, how to reach an EDD representative

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    Glad to hear some people can get through to EDD.

    I've called over 800 times this week.

    First they "lost" my paperwork in the mail in Dec. How often does the post office loose mail? After waiting the 10+ days for a check. I called for a day or two until I got through and requested another copy of the "lost" in the mail bi weekly paperwork. I was told It would be sent and give 10 days. This in addition to the 3 weeks I had already given for the lost paperwork. It never arrived...I waited aprox 14 more days. Then called and called and called and called and called.
    I've tried 1,3,0 and 1,4,0 and any other way I can. Today it's just a busy signal 80% of the 100+ calls I have made. The other 18% are the standard we are receiving more calls than we can handle. The %2 of calls when I get into the system I have been hung up on due to the second tier having too many people waiting.

    I'm stuck in another state, as I went to visit family over Christmas, with no gas money to get back to CA for the few interviews I did get setup...which I have had to cancel because I cant get back to CA.

    Best case scenario is I can get through today and have to wait another week or so for a check. Well that makes the few bills I have at this point late. Thus no place to live, no income of any sort, no gas, no internet (which I have to use to find a job) and no cell phone. Thanks for taking those tens of thousands of dollars in taxes I have paid being a single white male in the last few years and not helping when I need it.

    What is there to do but call more? Oh and when cell carriers bill you a minute for a call....I think my cell with shut off soon and then I'm really stranded.

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    I'm in the same boat. I sent my claim back on 12 Jan - should have gotten to Sac by Wed, 14 Jan which means today would be 10 days and I should have received my check, but haven't. The automated phone thing says Wed and Thurs are the best days to call...Well, its Wed - so why can't I get through?

    I tried the trick Padme posted but it didn't work for me.

    I need to find out where my check is by a person and not automated thing tonight at 5pm.

    Any suggestions?


    Broke In Cali

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    Good luck.

    I'm up to over 2100 calls and several emails to EDD...and a number of emails to state senators and assemblymen. Nada yet.

    Noticed that now the phone will ring and not kick back a busy signal. Not that you can get through.

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