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    Question Wife Had Affair, Pregnant, Reconciling In Ohio

    She has informed bio father of her status (I am shooting blanks)....he was not happy and wants abortion....for what it's worth, he resides in another state, we in Ohio.....she filed for divorce day after commencement of the affair, but divorce nowhere close to being final.

    She is one month pregnant.

    We want to reconcile and raise the child as mine, with bio father never having any involvement.

    Is this possible? What steps need to be taken? Does bio father have to revoke rights?

    Obviously we need an attorney, but we're just trying to see a light at then of the tunnel right now.

    Thanks in advance for your help/advice.

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    Default Re: Wife Had Affair, Pregnant, Reconciling In Ohio

    When the kid is born, terminate his parental rights.

    That means a lawyer, court, etc.

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    Default Re: Wife Had Affair, Pregnant, Reconciling In Ohio

    As is discussed in this thread, by virtue of your marriage you will be the child's presumed father. In order to have any rights, the other man would have to raise the issue of paternity, demand DNA testing and try to establish parental rights.

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