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    Default Getting Traffic Tickets Expunged

    I have a bad combination of enough money to buy exotic sports cars and a lead foot.

    As such, I have lots of speeding tickets (all gotten in Michigan). probably 15 or so since I started driving 12 years ago.

    Problem being I want to get a Ferrari, which only a very few places insure, and only to people wihtout speeding tickets. So, I'm in a pinch as I can't find anyone to insure me.

    Fortunately, my only problem is speeding; I haven't been in an accident for the last 10 years or so, and no DUI/DWI, etc...

    I read that I can have my record expunged if I get the right lawyer. Is this true? I'm more than willing to pony up the necessary money...

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    Good luck, I'm not sure expunging a record would be legit, but lets see what Aaron says.

    How stupid these insurance companies can be, a Ferrari, yet you can't ever be caught speeding?!

    If I had the money, I'd rather be driving a souped up 'normal' car, as the insurance company still thinks it only has the stock power. But then, money is no real object for you hehe.

    BTW, which Ferrari you want to get?

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    Default Expunging Traffic Records

    You can't expunge a Michigan traffic offence. See MCL 780.621(2).

    Insurance companies usually base their premiums on a two-year traffic history, and usually count traffic violations for three years once they are reflected on their internal records. The longest traffic history you can obtain from the state is a ten-year record. Your path of least resistance is to keep your record clean for three years, and then to see what rates you are offered.

    Otherwise, you may wish to consult with a lawyer about the (small) chance that you could try to "collaterally attack" some of your past traffic offenses. Of course, there are two parts to that - even if you convince the court to set aside a conviction, you would have to also convince the Secretary of State to remove it from your driving record.

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