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    Default Non-Payment For Services Rendered

    I am having a dispute with a customer.At first the complaint was bubbles in the poly (I am the sole owner of a small flooring business).I explained to them that I would return in a year after the floor had been walked on to do a free buff and coat.This was not an agreeable solution for them.A week later the customer filed an insurance claim deeming an uneven floor as the issue.I have been to the home and it was quite obvious that someone had walked on the floor before the poly was dry,causing bubbles to form.,as other workers were in the home at the time.I would like to put a lien on the customers home,but am unsure as how to do it.Or at the very least file a small claims against them.I am seeking info on both these subjects.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Imposing a lien

    The law will vary by state, so the answer depends upon the jurisdiciton where this happened.

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