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    Default Reasonable Executor Fees In Georgia

    I'm trying to find out what the reasonable fees are for an executor in Georgia. My uncle passed away last October and had his old lawyer as the executor. They were friends for a while but then more recent they weren't and the executor never got changed on the will. Since then my parents and I have been working with this executor. He's has only been a hindrance. The estate is a very complicated one and worth quite a bit of money. We just want to get on with things and feel like we have our hands tied. He's hardly done anything. It's been 4 months and he still hasn't ordered any appraisals for anything and communication between us and him are now through our lawyer since he won't talk to us anymore. The other day we got a itemized breakdown of costs. Not backed up by appraisals but what he thought they were worth. Included was a $25,000 bill for the taxes (3 years of it by his personal CPA), and a $120,000 bill for his services (6.5% of estate) for what he's done so far and counting. I feel like this is absurd. I don't know what normal charges are but these seem like he's trying to pull one over on us. Does anyone know what a normal or max charge is for an executor. And if there is anyway to remove an executor or are we just stuck with him. On the will it did say that if this particular lawyer couldn't do it then my father was next in line.

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    What does you attorney say? You admit this is a very complicated matter and the attorney has been practicing for some time. A court is very likely to find the fee reasonable.

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